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A Bagboy’s Story: William C. “Bud” Pierce, M.D., Ph.D. was raised in a small Southern California town in a happy, close-knit family. His dad was a public school janitor, and his immigrant mom was a homemaker. Bud’s sister, Liz, gave him his nickname…

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Bud Pierce

1 day 6 hours ago

Oregon needs a leader who will support the police in order to achieve public safety. We need someone with the courage and real-life leadership to bring people together in order to solve crises in homelessness, wildfires, and education. And above all, our state deserves leaders who are invested in making the lives of each and every Oregonian better! Our state doesn’t need any more career politicians who spread unnecessary fear on some issues and show inaction on others. The good news is that we don’t have to accept this status quo any longer — instead, if we all come together,


Aggressively support small businesses through targeted tax and regulatory relief, just as we currently assist large companies that do business in our state.


Institute reinvigorated commitments to Oregon’s environment, with special emphasis on the protection of our rivers and coastal waters, improved forest management, and scientifically guided carbon reduction.


Lower the cost of health care, by reductions in the cost of healthcare bureaucracy which currently consumes one of every three dollars of healthcare spending, and by not allowing monopoly healthcare delivery systems which increase costs and lower the quality of healthcare.


Reform and improve our K-12 educational system, elevating our public education rankings from among the bottom 5 worse to top 10 best in the nation.


Get the homeless off of the streets and into affordable housing and humane shelters once and for all.


Achieve public safety and the protection of public and private property without law enforcement violence.

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