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A Bagboy’s Story: William C. “Bud” Pierce, M.D., Ph.D. was raised in a small Southern California town in a happy, close-knit family. His dad was a public school janitor, and his immigrant mom was a homemaker. Bud’s sister, Liz, gave him his nickname…

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Bud Pierce

21 hours 56 minutes ago

It isn’t a secret that our current guard of state leaders have been letting us down here in Oregon. Criminals have been taking advantage of the lack of accountability here and are forcing citizens to live in fear! Unfortunately, even more irresponsible politicians might be in store for us if we don’t all take some serious steps to right the course. Gubernatorial candidates with the same extreme policies of Governor Brown are already lining up, and without an invested team effort, 2022 may bring us even more of the frustrating status quo. I want to bring about a change here

Bud's Prescriptions for Oregon

Public Safety

The very first role of government is to ensure the public safety and well-being of its citizens, and that includes protecting public and private property. Unlike our current state leaders, who haven’t shown the leadership or initiative to tackle Oregon’s rising rates of crime and property destruction, I will take a new approach. I will work to ensure a coordinated government response (Federal, State, County, City, and Metro) with all entities working together to achieve the common goal of safety for Oregonians. And in the process of achieving this goal, our brave police officers will be invigorated, supported, and provided with all necessary resources.


Oregon students currently suffer from one of the poorest performing K-12 education systems in the entire country, which is only made worse by leaders who choose to drop proficiency requirements instead of providing our students with essential skills. In order to fix this, we need a non-political oversight board to look after education in the State of Oregon and not rely so heavily on partisan, career-politicians on a matter of such importance. We also need a standardized, sequential, subject-focused curriculum that prepares young Oregonians for the jobs of today. We need to ensure that students and parents work in tandem to decide the best pathway for each student; that money for each student’s education follows him/her; and that teachers are afforded more authority, accountability, and support in the classroom. Finally, we must ensure that there are a variety of public educational options available with different structures and emphasis including learning academies, subject-focused schools, and technical career schools with a path chosen by the student/parent.


Jobs aren’t just a source of stability; they also provide meaning to life for many people. I will work to build an economy that creates more jobs and support government programs that encourage job creation while rewarding work much more than non-work. Our state government should be invested in supporting small businesses, making it easier to start and grow a company through lower taxes and fees, and a simple, practical regulatory environment.


As a medical professional, I know that we need a calm, rational, science-based approach to problem-solving during this pandemic. Oregonians don’t need any more fear being spread by our state officials, and we need to put more trust in citizens and local leaders. As Governor, I will work to ensure transparency of information, maximal support for citizens and communities, and authority and accountability at the community level as much as possible. We can work to put this pandemic behind us without unnecessary restrictions, the closures of businesses, or the prioritization of fear over science.

Cost of Living

We can reduce the cost of living in Oregon and make our great state more affordable by lowering regulatory burden, supporting free market competition, modernizing land use planning, and lowering the exorbitant cost of government that is currently being footed by the Oregon taxpayer.

Election Integrity

I will work to put an oversight process in place that ensures only eligible voters are registered and that ballot integrity is maintained all the way from the voting process to the counting process.


Oregon is in the midst of a homelessness crisis: I see the reality of it every day on the way to my practice here in Salem. The solution involves affordable housing that is affordably built by lowering land costs and fees. It also involves public shelters with immediate wraparound services that address mental health, addiction, lack of job skills, and other areas that are a necessity for a successful, meaningful life. Lastly, it involves bringing an end to the enabling of self-destructive behaviors and not allowing idleness to become a lifestyle. I look forward to putting all of these solutions into practice as your next Governor.


This is one I know a great deal about personally. We need to lower the cost of healthcare, and it can be done by reducing administrative fees, eliminating/regulating monopolies, ending differential payments for the same services, and through increased innovation and productivity. It’s important that healthcare prices remain transparent as well. One final measure, especially in the wake of this COVID-19 pandemic, is an aggressive public health campaign to promote a healthier overall population.

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