Republican Dr. Bud Pierce at the Top of the Oregon Primary Polls – Releases Television Ads

The Pierce campaign points to the fact that all publicly released polls have shown Bud Pierce with a commanding lead over his competitors.

SALEM, OR, UNITED STATES, April 23, 2022/ — In mid-April, Public Opinion Research Firm Nelson Research asked likely Republican voters who they would vote for, and Bud Pierce ranked #1 with 6.5%. That is compared to the majority of the candidates who polled under 4%. Pierce’s lead grew to 11% when voters were pressed to decide. This suggests that a majority of undecided voters strongly consider casting their ballot for Pierce. Nearly 68% say they’re undecided.

The Pierce campaign points to the fact that all publicly released polls have shown Bud Pierce with a commanding lead over his competitors. The Taxpayers Association of Oregon recently conducted a poll showing Bud with nearly 22% of support compared to the next highest at just over 6%.

Bud Pierce is a cancer doctor in Salem, a Marine, and a previous GOP candidate for governor who ran against Kate Brown in 2016.

Dr. Pierce recently appeared on KATU’s “Your Voice, Your Vote.” In the segment, Pierce said, “The interest, the intensity is ratcheted up tenfold compared to that [the 2016] run, and I think it’s the times we’re in. People are looking at the candidates very carefully. They’re looking at all the information and all the data. They’re trying to come to the right decision to decide who can lead Oregonians to better lives, and I hope they agree it’s me.”

Dr. Pierce attributes some of his broad support and popularity to his plan to address Oregon’s rampant crime and complex homeless crisis.

Evan Ridley, Pierce’s campaign manager, was not surprised by Pierce’s favorable polling numbers. “Oregon conservatives know that only a successful outsider – untainted by radical Salem special interests – can truly restore sanity, security, and economic prosperity for all Oregonians,” Ridley said. “Dr. Bud Pierce looks forward to earning the support of all who share this positive vision and defeating the radicals in November.”

The campaign also released its first television ad, “Believe in Bud,” which began running in mid-April and is expected to run through the May Election. Ridley noted that some candidates had to run ads very early in the process because they were relatively unknown.

“We weren’t the first on TV, but campaigns are all about timing, and we’re planning for a methodical, long-haul campaign, and we are well on our way to victory,” Ridley said.

Bud Pierce, M.D, Ph.D. is a business owner and senior partner of Oregon Oncology Specialists, one of the last physician-owned practices on the West Coast. Bud is considered the frontrunner for the Republican nomination for governor. = Approved photos and biography can be found at

Oregon primary ballots will be mailed to valid addresses on April 27.