Dr. Bud Pierce Questions Logic of Menstrual Dignity Act

Does it make sense to use taxpayer funds to put tampons in Oregon schools’ K-12 boys’ bathrooms?

Republican gubernatorial candidate Dr. Bud Pierce commented on Oregon Legislatures’ Menstrual Dignity Act. This act (HB 3294), which Gov. Kate Brown signed in July 2021, requires that schools keep fully stocked menstrual products for all students in all public school buildings in Oregon. This will be in all boys’ and girls’ bathrooms, with instructions on using them.

Dr. Bud Pierce said, “While Oregon is trying to get back on its feet after the pandemic and facing rising inflation, crime, and homelessness, career politicians are focused on ensuring that boys’ bathrooms are well stocked with free menstrual products.”

With our economy struggling, Pierce questions whether Gov. Kate Brown is putting taxpayer money into programs that will truly help students learn. “Taxpayers will now be billed nearly $6 million on a program that will only serve to confuse and control our children, starting with 6-year-old boys. It is just another example of how backward and nonsensical Salem insiders have become,” said Pierce. “There would be many other ways to address this issue, and this is not one of them,” he adds.

Pierce feels the money would be better spent on improving education in our school districts. “Our public K-12 education system is failing our children and diminishing their futures, and believe me, well-stocked bathrooms are not the issue,” said Pierce. “As governor, I’ll empower parents. We’ll focus on actually teaching students and make sure that the money follows the child. This is another stark reminder that it’s time to focus on education, not indoctrination.”

Bud Pierce, M.D, Ph.D. is a business owner and senior partner of Oregon Oncology Specialists, one of the last physician-owned practices on the West Coast. He announced his candidacy for governor on the Republican ticket in April 2021. Approved photos and biography can be found at www.Budpierce.org. To arrange an interview with Dr. Pierce, email [email protected].