Bud Pierce confirms he’s running for Oregon governor in 2022

As many of you know, a lot has changed in my life since I first announced my campaign to run for Governor last December. Losing Selma was truly devastating to my family and our community as a whole.

Yet, with the support of many amazing individuals, we have persisted together. And as my family continues to adjust to a new normal without our beloved Selma, we also look forward to a brighter future for ourselves and for our state.

I am incredibly grateful for the opportunity to run for Governor of Oregon and take action to move our state in a more positive direction. Oregonians currently suffer under the oppressive leadership and poor performance of our current governor.

I will never set arbitrary and non-scientific policies, ask law enforcement to monitor you in your own homes, or ask you to inform on your neighbors in the absence of statutory crime.

I pledge that as your Governor together we will:

1) Achieve public safety and the protection of public and private property without law enforcement violence.

2) Get the homeless off of the streets and into affordable housing and humane shelters once and for all.

3) Reform and improve our K-12 educational system, elevating our public education rankings from among the bottom 5 worse to the top 10 best in the nation.

4) Aggressively support small businesses through targeted tax and regulatory relief, just as we currently assist large companies that do business in our state.

5) Lower the cost of health care, by reducing the cost of healthcare bureaucracy which currently consumes one of every three dollars of healthcare spending, and by not allowing monopoly healthcare delivery systems which increase costs and lower the quality of healthcare.

6) Institute reinvigorated commitments to Oregon’s environment, with special emphasis on the protection of our rivers and coastal waters, improved forest management, and scientifically guided carbon reduction.

I look forward to the 2022 campaign and I appreciate all of your support ?

StrongerTogether #BudForOregon